Dr. Gaston Dumais, M.D. Dermatologist - a.b.l.s., l.m.c.c., c.r.s.c., c.s.p.q., f.r.c.p. (c) - Diplomate of the American Board of Laser Surgery (1986)


Special Treatments for Some Skin Diseases

Seven types of device are used in our phototherapy unit UVB and UVA, Blue and Red Lights, 308 Excimer Complex System, IPL and BBL

Phototherapy (artificial ultraviolet light) is used to treat different dermatoses. UVB phototherapy and UVA PhotoDynamic Therapy (PUVA: oral or topical Psoralen used as a photosensitizer+UVA) treat different skin diseases such as Psoriasis, Some photodermatoses, Certain types of pruritus (itching), Atopic dermatitis etc.

Blue Light (ClearLight): After a treatment of eight-by-weekly sessions the ClearLight procedure gives an important reduction of mild inflammatory papulopustular acne lesions.

PhotoDynamic Therapy (Levulan or Metvix + IPL or + BBL or + Blue-ClearLight or + Red-Aktilite): After a treatment of 4 sessions and more, at intervals of 3 weeks, this dynamic phototherapy gives an important reduction of light and moderate acne. This procedure treats also oily skin, sebaceous hyperplasia and acneic rosacea. It also treats actinic keratosis and photo-aging: sun damaged skin.

308 Excimer Complex phototherapy provides targeted treatments and eliminates exposure of normal skin. It is used to treat localized plaques of vitiligo of all skin types, light or dark. This phototherapy system offers also a treatment for hypopigmented skin (lighter than normal) found in white mature stretch marks, or white scars post burn or acne, post trauma or surgery, post laser resurfacing or chemically peeled skin. This phototherapy system provides an intense therapeutic light that stimulates the proliferation and the migration of melanocytes thus increasing the production of melanin to restore the loss of pigment in areas under treatment. It is also used to treat localized plaques of psoriasis.

Lumenis IPL and Sciton BBL selective photothermolysis is used to reduce facial flushing or redness in treating the dilated blood vessels of vascular diseases like rosacea and to improve also photo-aging

(Refer to Facial Rejuvenation sheet).